Vetrart, glass factory founded in 1990 by Daniele Bagnara and Alessandra Schiano, has become over time a creative team of Venetian glass masters, who try to preserve and pass on one of the most famous and refined traditions of the Veneto region, as well as one of the most famous and popular in the world, working manually each piece.

A unique manufacturing process, one of the greatest examples of Made in Italy exclusivity.

The production is completely hand made blowing by mouth and work by hands. This process permits to create original and unique pieces of craftsmanship, rich in passion and tradition.

Thanks to the quality of the products and the natural elegance that the glass releases, Vetrart has established itself over time first in the Italian territory, gradually expanding into the European and global market.

Vetrart, initially born as a manufacturer of high quality gift items and home furnishing accessories, has developed over the years, innovating and transforming itself towards the new market needs. Its core business currently concerns the design lighting sector.

Not only quality products, but real valuable items, steeped in tradition and passion.



Daniele Bagnara, founder and legal representative of the company received one of the most important recognition that an artisan can dream.
The "master craftsman" is someone who, having adequate and documented corporate entrepreneurial experience, possesses high knowledge and managerial skills with a high aptitude for teaching the trade.
The Veneto Region favors artisan businesses and their development, in particular it supports the valorization of human capital, employment and business continuity. For this purpose, with the regional law of 8 October 2018, n. 34 the figure of the master craftsman was introduced which enhances the role of the craftsman as the bearer of a wealth of knowledge and experience to be safeguarded and transmitted to future generations. The regional law also recognizes "school workshops", i.e. businesses in which the master craftsman carries out his activity and transmits his skills.

Raw material

Borosilicate glass (Pirex glass)

Our raw material is borosilicate glass, usually called also Pyrex, and a particular glass: it’s very strong in spite of its lightness. It is suitable to thermal surge and resistant to the enlargement.

It should not be confused with the classic thin and fragile glass, in fact thanks to its composition it is very transparent, light but at the same time robust and easily workable.



Our company is sustainable as a producer of clean energy and a user of recyclable packaging.

In fact, thanks to a photovoltaic system we produce autonomously the 80% of electrical power necessary for our production.

We are one of few Italian artisan companies to have installed a renewable energy system that permits a low environment impact.

We also use package that are easy to recycle and to re-use. Furthermore, our glass is a long-lasting material so our products can be used for a very long time and be recycled.

Finally, the gases and materials used for processing do not produce polluting volatile substances, thus contributing to environmental well-being.