Progetto finanziato con il POC FESR 2014-2020 Regione del Veneto


Export promotion projects intended for businesses and their aggregate forms identified on a territorial or sectoral basis

Customized export promotion project developed by the Vicentina Artistic Cerami

cs Business Aggregation UNION S.N.C. – LINEASETTE S.A.S. – VETRART


The contribution granted, amounting to €153,150.00, went to strengthen the skills of the aggregation of which we were part and in particular of our company, aiming to  expand the base of commercial contacts and existing foreign counterparts. The internationalization path, divided into several phases, saw the involvement of “Temporary Export Managers” (TEM), to coordinate companies in the study and analysis of markets and demand, to grasp their characteristics, potential, trends and consumer characteristics. . The directions that emerged from the analyzes were translated into dedicated marketing actions and the offering of equally differentiated and detailed products. During the project, participation in trade fair events represented the moment of verification and implementation of the strategies studied and defined by the companies. In parallel, incoming operators were organized and the positioning of companies’ products on the e-commerce marketplaces was optimised.

The project included support in the development of internationalization processes through the study of a personalized strategic growth path, aimed at encouraging the penetration and consolidation of presence in foreign markets of specific interest. In summary, the opportunities developed have achieved the strengthening of the range and commercial positioning of the aggregation both by sharing the identification of new markets and promotion and sales channels.
The project successfully achieved the aim of carrying out the development of actions for the activation of foreign counterparts.